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Press and Reviews

MPI Article, June 2014

Fit Tours NYC is a great example of a company that offers custom outdoor activities for groups. Born and bred in Manhattan, they set the majority of their workouts immersed within the scenic backdrops of Central Park and focus mainly on customizing group activities. They have taken the popular concept of outdoor fitness (offering Power Hour Boot Camp, Guided Runs and yoga options) and added to it by incorporating a scenic and historical tour! Each of their fitness instructors are also certified NY tour guides who recite the rich and fascinating stories of New York’s Central Park as they lead invigorating workouts. Their mantra is “If the views don’t take your breath away the workout certainly will!” and they offer the ultimate in team building as well as individual and group workouts. Now you can offer your attendees an innovative and extreme team building option as they navigate through an obstacle course, participate in a mini Olympics or test true endurance with a boot camp competition.

So Let’s Go Running – Sharon Jenson

Many people have a bucket list in mind of must do experiences before they hit the BIG 40! Having already planned a trip to NY to celebrate in style I wanted to reach this milestone feeling fitter than I ever have before.  Having been running for a few years I wanted the opportunity to run in one of the most iconic places in the world, Central Park NY.

I didn’t want to run on my own as I knew that during the day would be really busy and a morning or evening run would be the best time for a clear and enjoyable experience.  My husband doesn’t run (yet, but I’m working on that!) so I researched guided runs in Central Park.  I came across a website called…

Find motivation to workout when other obligations weigh you down – Mike Riordan (founder)

Traditionally, by the time Super Bowl Sunday rolls around, most people have abandoned their New Year’s resolutions, stopped going to the gym, and fallen back into the usual rut of unhealthy food choices and sedentary life. It’s not really a surprise as the drastic changes in lifestyle are usually such a harsh awakening that it’s almost impossible to believe that anybody would be able to keep it up. Here are some motivational tips to help keep the right frame of mind in order to stick to those resolutions and get through the dark days of winter…

The Agenda: The Ultimate Guide for the Girl on the Go

Skip the Gym

Fit Tours NYC is a company that leads outdoor workouts in and throughout Central Park that combine fitness with sightseeing. Great for business travelers and tourists, they are also a perfect fit for locals eager to break the ordinary routine of working out indoors. Sunday Run-yay (every Sunday at 9:30 a.m,) is designed for locals looking to get some fresh air and a fresh perspective on (often overlooked!) New York City scenery. They are casual weekly workouts: Walk, run, stretch, sweat, and see some amazing Central Park sights at the same time. All fitness levels welcome.

Top-Rated Fitness Tours in New York City

Our clients from all over the world can attest to the fun they had with us!

“Great Central Park Experience!”

“Had a great run! This was the highlight of my trip! Great way to explore the park for the first time! Meredith was great! Having pictures taken while we ran and stopped to talk about various areas of the park was a great way to capture the experience! Highly recommend!” – Kate H. via TripAdvisor, March 2019

“A really fun morning, even for a New Yorker!”

“The guides were great. Super friendly and shared fun info about Central Park. They took a lot of pictures of us running thru the park with was a nice. I live in NYC and go to Central Park all the time. I did this with my out of town cousin and I really enjoyed it! I learned a lot about things I see every day. Great way to spend your morning.” – Kelly P. via TripAdvisor, September 2018

“A great way to fight jetlag!”

“There’s no better way to start the day and especially a business trip than an early morning yoga session in Central Park! It’s the perfect way to discover this amazing place while connecting one’s body to the new time zone. Highly recommend it. Mike and his team are very knowledgeable about CP and friendly.” – Matt G. via TripAdvisor, October 2018

“Awesome way to see Central Park!”

“This was a fantastic 5k tour of Central Park. Our guide, Cat, was super knowledgeable and fun! They took some great pics of our group and made our visit to NYC even more memorable.” – Jennifer C. via TripAdvisor, October 2017

“Excellent for business travel”

“I wanted to get active in New York, but also to see a few sights, learn a bit about the City. Fit Tours delivered in spades and I really enjoyed the tour. Thank you, Mike and Jess!” – Rob A. via TripAdvisor, October 2017

“Running Tour in Central Park”

“I thoroughly enjoyed my running tour with Fit Tours NYC. Tour guide/trainer Cat was fun, easygoing, and very knowledgeable about Central Park. It was the highlight of my trip to the city!” – Heidi G. via TripAdvisor, December 2017