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Central Park Bike Ride and Yoga


Bike Rides and Yoga in Central Park

Our plan is to start your morning off the best way possible and leave you with a feel good sensation all day long! We combine two activities, a Central Park bike tour and Yoga, but we do it early enough (8AM) to avoid the crowds, and fast enough (2 Hours) so you still have the whole rest of the day to pack in as much of the world’s greatest city as possible! We will jump on bikes right at the Park entrance and zip straight in.

We stop at the most iconic locations in the Park including the Mall, the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir, Bethesda Terrace and Strawberry Fields. At each of the stops you will learn the amazing history of the Park as well as the importance of each of the sights. We will also lead you through yoga based stretches and breathing techniques to enhance your overall park experience and enjoy it like a local rather than a typical tourist Keep in mind that this is not a slow rolling cruise through the Park.

This is an active experience and we will keep moving at a decent pace in order fit everything in and finish on time. You have a lot planned during your time here in NYC (if you don’t then you’re doing it all wrong!) and we’ll help start you off right!

Stops include:

  • The Mall
  • The Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir
  • Bethesda Terrace
  • Strawberry Fields