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  • Special Event

FTNYC Special Event!

Revive Restorative Retreats and Fit Tours NYC Mash-up!!

Quick Details

We are thrilled to collaborate with Becca Pace and Marisa Merliss, co-founders of REVIVE Restorative Retreats, to bring you a special two hour mini retreat event through Central Park!


Throughout the walking tour you’ll learn about the fascinating history of the park while stopping in iconic spots to do the MELT Method and functional movement inspired by BodyART™ Functional Training, Yoga and Pilates, which combines strength and restoration. This tour is appropriate for all fitness levels. You will leave the tour feeling balanced, energized, relaxed and inspired by the history and beauty of Central Park. This event also provides a sample of the classes taught by Becca and Marisa on their retreats.

REVIVE Restorative Retreats was created in early 2016 by Marisa and Becca to provide a balanced fitness/wellness experience for their clients in beautiful destinations around the world. Their next retreat is in Ubud, Bali, Oct. 20th-26th, 2019. Go to for more information.